Benefits of secondary dilution of pesticides and specific methods of operation

The "second dilution method" of pesticides should be familiar to friends who are doing agriculture. Farmers' uncles will use them every time they fight drugs. The second dilution method, also known as the two-step preparation method, first dilutes the pesticide preparation into a mother liquid or a mother powder with a small amount of water or a diluted carrier, and then dilutes to the desired concentration. This is the simple pesticide use step, how many people are using it correctly?

The most scientific use of pesticides - secondary dilution method, the entire pesticide industry, including foreign companies, is widely publicized and encouraged to dilute the farmers to improve the utilization rate and use of pesticides. The pesticide secondary dilution method is mainly used to dilute (prepare) those pesticides with very little dosage. The dosage of these pesticides is as low as about 1 gram per acre. Only by double dilution (preparation) can the medicament be evenly distributed and easy to use. .

Benefits of secondary dilution of pesticides

The second dilution method is used to prepare the pesticide liquid, which is first adjusted to a thick mother liquor with a small amount of water, and then diluted to the desired concentration, which has many advantages over the one-time dispensing.

1. Can ensure that the agent is evenly dispersed in water

For example, wettable powders and powders tend to agglomerate together to form coarse agglomerates. If the liquid is directly introduced into the solution tank, the coarse aggregates are not sufficiently dispersed, that is, they sink into the bottom of the water, and it is difficult to stir them at this time. If the dilution is directly used, the farmers' friends are not evenly stirred because of the medicine. The liquid is not completely dispersed in the sprayer, resulting in high concentration in some places and low concentration in some places, which is not conducive to uniform spraying. This is also the reason why all companies, including foreign companies with very high manufacturing processes, are also promoting secondary dilution.

Therefore, first use a small amount of water to form a thicker mother liquor, stir well, disperse the powder and then pour it into the tank for final dilution. The suspension of the suspension is prone to deposition during storage, that is, the upper layer gradually becomes thinner and the lower layer becomes thicker. The pharmaceutical solution must be prepared in a two-step process.

2. Conducive to accurate medication

With the development of efficient agriculture in recent years, only a few ten grams (or milliliters) or even a few grams of pesticide per acre is used, and the amount allocated to each sprayer is less. At this time, the two-step method is adopted to facilitate accurate drug taking. For example, the wheat field herbicide "XXX", 8 grams of wettable powder for the use of mud, if sprayed on 45 kg of water, the barrel (15 kg) is only more than 2 grams of medicine, it is not easy to weigh accurately and difficult to dilute evenly. Therefore, 8 grams of the original drug can be mixed with 600 grams of water to form a mother liquor, and then each barrel is diluted with 200 grams of mother liquor and 15 kilograms of water.

3. Can reduce the risk of pesticide poisoning

For pesticides with higher toxicity, the second dilution method can reduce the chance of exposure to the original drug. For example, some pesticides with strong toxicity have a chance to contact the original drug four times in one dilution method, and only one time in the second dilution method. The possibility of poisoning is greatly reduced. Even if the liquid is contacted later, it is also a good mother liquor, poisoning. The probability is greatly reduced.

Therefore, the second dilution method is a technology that must be popularized in all pesticide use technologies, and it also requires the joint efforts of the whole industry to advance. It is conservatively estimated that the effect of pesticide products without secondary dilution is at least 15%-20% lower than that of pesticide products with secondary dilution.

A diluted pesticide application method is a waste of pesticide resources and should be stopped. Powders, water-dispersible granules should promote secondary dilution, as well as some water-dispersible granules coated with a dry suspension coat.

Method for secondary dilution of pesticides

The second dilution of pesticides is also known as the two-step preparation method and is one of the methods for pesticide formulation. The pesticide can be diluted twice by the following methods.

1. Use a medical saline bottle or other small container with a capacity scale, place the pesticide in the bottle, inject a proper amount of water into a mother liquor, and apply a small amount of viscous agent such as a suspending agent to the small package. After washing, gently stir to make the agent in the container fully disperse and dissolve, and then use the measuring cup.

2. When using a knapsack sprayer, it can be directly diluted in the drum. First add a small amount of water to the sprayer, then add a proper amount of liquid, shake well, then make up the water and mix well.

3. When using a motorized sprayer for large-area application, a larger container, such as a barrel or a cylinder, may be used for primary dilution of the mother liquor. In the second dilution, it can be placed in the sprayer barrel for mixing and mixing.

Note: In order to ensure the dilution quality of the liquid, the water consumption of the mother liquor should be carefully calculated and carefully measured. It should not be added or used at will, otherwise it will directly affect the control effect.

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