Beijing exterior wall painting safety precautions

Generally speaking, there are a lot of requirements for the painters of high-altitude outer walls. What's more, in a big city like Beijing, the construction of high-rise buildings cannot always be avoided. This construction is not that simple. Therefore, the construction personnel must have a wealth of experience in order to effectively complete the construction, and then we will specifically understand the safety precautions for painting the external walls of Beijing and the regulatory requirements for painting the external walls.

Beijing exterior wall painting security attention

1. First of all, when preparing to paint the exterior wall, the relevant construction personnel must maintain a good enough sleep quality so as to better ensure the concentration of energy during high altitude operations without any accident. Next, it is necessary to carefully check the scaffolding and racking board. Their erection is very firm and safe, and then they can be started after confirming safety.

2. All the relevant construction workers for exterior wall painting also have strict requirements in terms of wearing. For example, all employees are prohibited from wearing slippers, or the shoes are too smooth on the ground and wear high shoes to work on the scaffold. On the other hand, it should be noted that the solvent-based primers, topcoats, and thinners that are used for storage and use are strictly prohibited from combustibles such as pyrotechnics to avoid unnecessary trouble.

3, the next step is to pay attention to the related items equipped to ensure that our human body is subject to unnecessary harm, then the external wall painting construction personnel must prepare protective glasses and protective masks. The construction and the lighting device must be based on the electrical safety standards, and then install the wiring, but be careful not to pull the cable or wiring, to all construction workers do all the safety measures.

What are the regulatory requirements for exterior wall painting?

1. At present, we have come to understand the relevant regulatory requirements for the painting of exterior walls. First, before using the coating, we should first check the labels, and carefully mix them thoroughly, and then close them after use. The storage and construction of coatings should meet the temperature conditions specified in the product specification, and should normally be above 5°C. If the paint is frozen during storage, it should be allowed to thaw naturally in a room with higher temperature, and it must not be roasted. The paint after thawing can be used without confirming that it has undergone a qualitative change.

2. The paint used for the exterior wall painting is usually prepared by the manufacturer and the distributor, so as to ensure the consistency of the paint in the hue, and the need for color adjustment at the scene when the construction is in progress. Must use the manufacturer to provide or specify the grade, origin of the color paste, according to the requirements and the proportion of the deployment by a person, should pay attention to the finished product protection coating project, to prevent cross-operation caused by man-made pollution. If the wall surface that has already been constructed is contaminated by dirt, it can be scrubbed gently with a clean, wet cloth, and should be re-applied when it is heavily contaminated.

3. There is one final issue that is very important for exterior wall painting construction. It is the weather problem on the day of weather forecast construction. If the forecast situation is going to rain, then it is necessary to stop all construction and avoid sudden rain on the job. There are also all the tools used by the construction workers. They must be cleaned in a timely manner after they are completed and they need to be properly kept.

The above-mentioned information about Beijing's exterior wall painting safety and what exterior wall painting requirements have been introduced here. I hope this helps everyone. If you still don't understand where you can pay attention to more news, if you want to learn more about this news, please continue to pay attention to our website.

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