Bearing wall horizontal groove? Do not touch these minefields in home improvement!

In the home decoration, in addition to paying attention to whether the decoration is beautiful, the safety of the decoration also needs attention. If you visit the effect of decoration, regardless of safety, it is very likely to be troublesome and even dangerous in the future. The following Xiao Bian will tell you what "minefields" in the home improvement can't touch. Together into the home decoration notes - which mine area can not touch it, and hope to help your home decoration.

A minefield, non-load-bearing walls do not easily move the load-bearing wall can not be changed, we all know, but the non-load-bearing wall will be free to split it? Experts said whether the non-bearing wall can be dismantled depending on the circumstances. Some light-weight structural walls, such as light steel keels, gypsum board walls, or cement board light walls, which are used as partitions for wall demolition, are not dangerous and can be removed or modified. For a half-brick wall of a bathroom, if a supporting beam for a supporting wall is designed in the floor structure, it can be removed; otherwise, it cannot be removed.
Although non-load-bearing walls are secondary load-bearing components for housing, it is also an extremely important support for bearing walls. For a certain family, the removal of non-load-bearing walls is not a big problem, but if the residents of the whole building are arbitrarily demolition and change the non-load-bearing walls, the anti-seismic force of the building will be greatly reduced.

In the minefield two, the low wall near the balcony cannot move the balcony. Because there is no beam support, the load that can withstand is weak. Therefore, lighter materials should be selected for decoration. There is a window on the wall between the general room and the balcony. These doors and windows can be changed, but the walls below the windows cannot be moved. This wall is called "weight wall" and it acts like a scale to provoke a balcony. Demolition of this wall will reduce the bearing capacity of the balcony and cause the balcony to fall.

Minefield three, do not horizontal slot According to the survey, some construction teams in order to facilitate the decoration, often appear in the wall on the horizontal grooved wiring situation, on the surface, this reduces the length of wiring ducts, save money, However, it destroyed the wall structure and caused serious safety problems. The load-bearing wall with a horizontal slot opened, like a diamond-streaked glass, that is easily broken by a strong earthquake.
According to experts, in principle, the light wall is not more than 50 cm in width; the wall on the load-bearing wall is not allowed to be grooved horizontally; the inner insulation wall is not more than 100 cm wide.

The minefield four, gas pipeline not to be changed in the interior decoration, we must pay attention to the gas pipeline and equipment safety requirements, do not arbitrarily change the pipeline, so as not to affect the normal operation of the gas pipeline system. In addition, it should be noted that the horizontal distance between the electric power line and equipment and the gas pipeline shall not be less than 10 cm, and the net distance between the electric wire and the gas pipe shall not be less than 3 cm in order to prevent the electric field from causing fire.

The minefield five, chandelier bearing important considerations crystal light shine dazzling, often as a duplex and other apartment decoration pick the first choice for the living room. However, due to the large weight of the crystal chandelier itself, installation has become a key link, and if it is not firmly installed, it may become a “killer” in the living room. Experts suggest that if you decorate the empty room, you can choose a lamp that is slightly larger but has a smaller weight and style. You can replace the crystal lamp with a lighter material, such as leather, iron, plastic, and so on. If the luminaire exceeds 2.5 kilograms, it must be pre-embedded before installation and the load-bearing capacity should be tested before installing the lamp.

Minefield 6, the stairs should be more secure with the popularity of duplex, jump and other types of units, the safety of indoor staircases has also become a new problem. Some stairs have steep slopes, some stairways are too smooth or too narrow, and some stairs do not even have armrests in order to pursue modern and simple shapes, which can easily cause the owner to fall or fall.
Xiao Bian suggested that when shopping for interior staircases, it should take into account aesthetics, practicality, and safety. It is best to install fences at the top and bottom of the stairs, and anti-slip strips should be placed on the stair steps, while stairways should be laid on the stairways. When carpeting is slippery, the carpet is securely fastened.

Benzyl Carbazate Basic Information
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MF: C8H10N2O2
MW: 166.18
EINECS: 226-230-3
Product Categories: Phosgene Derivatives
Mol File: 5331-43-1.mol

benzyl carbazate Structure

Benzyl carbazate

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Melting point 65-68 °C(lit.)
Boiling point 294.38°C (rough estimate)
density 1.2265 (rough estimate)
storage temp. 2-8°C
Water Solubility Soluble in water (slightly), methanol and DMSO.

Benzyl Carbazate CAS No. 5331-43-1

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