Apple mobile phone broke through the sapphire industry overcapacity

Abstract Sapphire materials are used in the lens of the iPhone 5 and 5S camera lens and the Home button, opening up the imagination of the market. Compared with the already mature LED market, the market is looking forward to the sapphire as a protective material for electronic consumer products such as mobile phones...
The sapphire material is used in the iPhone 5 and 5S camera lens lenses and the Home button, opening up the market imagination. Compared with the already mature LED market, the market is looking forward to sapphire as a protective material for consumer electronics and other consumer electronics. In particular, at the end of 2013, Apple signed a $576 million sapphire crystal order with GTAT. Since then, the market has continued to report that Apple's next-generation iPhone6 ​​will use sapphire on the screen cover. This time, Apple's iPhone6 ​​did not use a sapphire screen, and poured a "cool water" to the manufacturers who have been touting the concept of sapphire. Affected by this news, the sapphire concept sector continued to be weak on the 10th, and the individual stocks were all green.

Among them, Apple sapphire material supplier GTAT stock price plummeted nearly 13% on the 9th, far underperformed the broader market. GTATOFweek Semiconductor Lighting Network shares fell 12.89% during the regular trading hours on the 9th, and finally closed at 14.94 US dollars (about 91.67 yuan), the lowest since August 4 this year, the volume is closer than its 3-month average volume 3 times. During the after-hours trading session, its share price continued its previous decline, at $14.27 (approximately RMB 87.56), a decrease of 4.48%. The stock price has plunged a thousand miles and is still in huge fluctuations.

The iPhone6 ​​abandoned the sapphire screen, which greatly reduced the expectations of the new Asian process layout sapphire industry chain. In August alone, the share price of Xinya Process increased by more than 20%, and the September 9th closing price was the highest in four years. On the morning of the 10th, the share price of Xinya Process fell sharply, falling more than 9%. On the morning of the 10th, only half a trading day, the market value evaporated more than 350 million yuan.

However, according to Xiao Bian, although the current sapphire industry has suffered heavy losses, it is just a matter of time to "stand up". Specifically, there are two points:

First, stabilize the market of sapphire in the LED industry

From the second half of 2009 to 2010, driven by the rapid development of the downstream large-size LED backlight and LED lighting market, the GaN epitaxial/chip production capacity expanded rapidly, which caused the shortage of upstream substrate supply, driving the price to continue to rise, and applied to blue and white LEDs. The growing sapphire substrate industry is beginning to accelerate. Despite the low performance index and yield of domestic sapphire substrates, the sapphire substrate material growth professionals are also lacking. However, driven by higher industry profits, many companies in China have begun to deploy or announce in 2010. Enter the field of sapphire substrates and gradually expand capital investment and related key technology introduction. From 2010 to mid-2011, there were more than forty sapphire production and investment companies in the country, most of which lacked the support of independent technical teams. At present, there are only a dozen manufacturers that can achieve stable production and sales of sapphire products. Among them, Yunnan Lanjing, Silian Optoelectronics and Tongren Electronics have realized the vertical integration of the complete sapphire industry chain including long crystal, crowbar, cutting and washing and sealing; Harbin Orient, Chengdu Dongjun, Shandong Yuanhong, Yuan Liang Technology focuses on the long crystal and crowbar links in the upper section, providing sapphire crystal rods for the downstream; Jiaozuo Corestar, Qingdao Jiaxing, Crystal Optoelectronics, Jingke Optoelectronics, and Kerun Optoelectronics are mainly engaged in the underlying substrate processing. Crystal Optoelectronics, China-German Semiconductor, Silan Micro, and Runrun Optoelectronics are all embarking on the development and industrialization of graphical substrates.

The demand for sapphire in the LED industry will continue to grow steadily. Sapphire single crystal has excellent electrochemical, optical and thermodynamic properties, and has been widely used in LED, large-scale integrated circuit SOI and SOS, superconducting nano-film substrate materials, infrared military devices, high-intensity laser window materials, etc. LED has long occupied the main market share of sapphire. According to statistics, LED applications accounted for 78% of total sapphire demand in 2013. Xiao Bian believes that benefiting from the outbreak of the LED lighting market, the LED industry is still in a rapid growth period. According to an agency, the compound growth rate of the sapphire demand in the LED market will remain at around 30% in the next five years. The LED industry is for sapphire manufacturers. It is still a stable "territory" worthy of attention.

Second, the future application of sapphire in smart mobile terminals can be expected

Xiaobian noticed that although the two iphone6s did not use sapphire screens at the Apple New Product Launch, Apple Watch used a sapphire screen. Does this not make the sapphire manufacturers feel a little gratified? From this signal, we can also boldly predict that the future use of the sapphire screen in the smartphone iphone iphone is only a matter of time. At the moment, the fire has not yet arrived.

At the Apple New Product Launch Conference, iphone6 ​​did not use the sapphire screen message to confirm, other domestic and foreign Android phone manufacturers team is also mixed feelings! First of all, the iphone6 ​​creative highlights are not prominent, the sapphire screen is not used, only the biggest highlight of the big screen version, and this has already been done by other Android mobile phone brands, which makes the Android mobile phone manufacturers feel less threatening. Secondly, the market competition rule of “people without me, people with me” makes the Android phone OFweek semiconductor lighting network manufacturers want to preempt Apple and other mobile phone manufacturers to test the “sapphire screen smartphone”. After all, the sapphire concept is the future. trend. Whoever wins the first prize, who will preempt the market and win the brand reputation.

As revealed in a media report on Huawei's Yu Chengdong, one of the details is worth pondering. Yu Chengdong said that he would continue to be a powerful product in the face of the media's "strategy for the future of mobile phone business". A P7 phone with a sapphire screen was released, and the reporter was asked to take the knife despite the stroke. On the occasion of the new product launch conference on September 9th, there was an article on the Internet that "Huawei P7 Sapphire Edition is a way to catch up with a gemstone", which mentioned the first independent sapphire screen production model in China's domestic market. -- Huawei P7 sapphire version began to be publicized and put into production. In the article, the 2014 Huawei sapphire version of P7 was put into production, and it also experienced four-point bending test, falling ball test, extrusion test, transmittance test, hardness test, coating test, TP/LCD test, roller test, drop test, After dozens of complex inspections, such as high temperature and high humidity testing, it proved the excellent product quality of Huawei P7, and verified the leading industry standard of Huawei's mobile phone performance indicators in terms of hardness, temperature and signal. Although the Huawei P7 sapphire version of the news has not been confirmed, and the previous vivo has also hinted that a mobile phone equipped with a sapphire screen, we can already see the fierce competition in the future "sapphire screen smart phone" market.

In the field of consumer electronics, with the development of communication, IoT technology and intelligence, the demand for high-quality sapphire materials for mobile phones and wearable electronic devices will also increase. The starting gun has been ringing. Do you still run the sapphire manufacturer? Xiaobian wants to shout: "Sapphire, don't worry, chances are great!"

In summary, as mentioned above, the treatment of “heart injury” by sapphire manufacturers is mainly summarized as “stabilizing the traditional market and optimistic about emerging markets”. The current industry frustration is only temporary. After this catastrophe, the sapphire industry should be calm and calm. After the blind expansion of sapphire, it will return to rationality again, find a path suitable for development and explore a useful competition rule.

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