Anti-mite masks have become increasingly difficult to survive?

The term “cohabitation” is used to describe the current market for anti-mite masks that are most appropriate. On the one hand, due to the lack of standard of China's PM2.5 masks, the cottage flood prevention masks flooded the market; on the other hand, the gap in the civil mask market is large, consumers are often misled by the professional effects of industrial masks, and bring about health risks.

In January 2016, China Textile Business Association released the industry's first full reference standard for PM2.5 protective mask reference: “Group Standard of PM2.5 Respirator”, but after a survey by a reporter, it was not found that the market has marked this standard. Masks for sale. Standards have become increasingly sound. However, we have been arrested on the ground. We would like to briefly analyze the characteristics of mask market participants.

Users know little about blind choices

Chatting with relatives and friends or observing them will reveal that ordinary people know little about tamper-evident masks. They either rely on the clerk's recommendations or follow them. They do not consider whether they are suitable from their own point of view. Some people also said that knowing haze is harmful to health. Whether or not you should wear a mask when you go out in the fog, people have given different answers. Most people who don’t wear masks say they are used to it and they don’t care about it; others say it’s uncomfortable; others say that they are often foggy and unpredictable and simply don’t wear it.

The seller knows how to promote

The reporter randomly interviewed pharmacies, supermarkets and other masks sales personnel, most people know little about the anti-mite masks, lack of training and understanding of the effects of masks, materials, etc., most of them are based on sales experience when recommending for consumers, neither lack of counterfeit products. The identification capability also lacks the ability to identify effective products. Consumers do not understand, and sellers do not understand, resulting in effective promotion of good moth-proof masks and poor quality masks.

Producers know nothing about speech

There is no shortage of technical controls in the industry. Talking about products, talking about technology is the way to go. However, for users, pure professional knowledge seldom allows them to understand the true charm of anti-mite products. The simple explanation, simple and concise are the real needs of consumers, so that they more intuitive to see the effect of anti-mite, a clearer understanding of anti-mite measures, more secure use of security products, is the manufacturer needs to do.

The soundness of standards plays a significant role in purifying the market. Some counterfeit and shoddy products are nowhere to be found under high standards and strict requirements. The publicity of standards has a profound meaning for the public. Only by realizing the benefits of use can the security products be available in the market. A firm foothold; the popularization of standards, the test of product promotion, and the products that have passed the market and have passed the standard test can be invincible.

It is hoped that in this winter that is still “swollen”, national standards and industry group standards will be able to land faster and allow good products to benefit the people. (China Labor Safety Net Editor Yi Bing)

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