Analysis of the role of hardware anti-theft bolts

A new type of concept that breaks the conventional standard of the shape of the polygonal body of the fastener. The taper external thread is matched with the special tool, and can only be tightened by clockwise force. When the counterclockwise force is removed, the tool falls off. The tapered shape effectively avoids the possibility of disassembly with a pipe wrench and achieves an optimal anti-theft effect. Even if it is loose for a long time, it can continue to be tightened to meet the customer's requirements. Overcoming the bolts, nuts and tools used in the existing iron towers, metal frames, and high-grade guardrails in the field are common types. Even if there is anti-theft, it is also affected by the high price, unsuitable secondary fastening, easy loosening, etc. Hardware anti-theft bolts that cause the towers, transformers, guardrails, and important facilities to be easily stolen are more popular recently.

For example, iron towers and railway rail nuts need to be constantly repaired, adjusted and fastened due to wind and vibration. Anti-theft bolts are used by major businesses in today's society to protect their own interests.

The role of anti-theft bolts can be divided into:

1. Maintain the interests of the merchants, and the merchants use anti-theft bolts on their products. For example, the anti-theft bolts used in many products of Jiuyang, his main function is to prevent the user from disassembling the product and find out the reason in the maintenance of the product.

2, anti-theft function, anti-theft bolts will be used in many outdoor products, because in the outdoor, there are many drawbacks in management, and the use of anti-theft bolts greatly reduces unnecessary losses. For example, anti-theft bolts are widely used in outdoor guard rails.

3, easy to use, can be installed with a special wrench, without the need for special and complicated tools, the manufacturer will be equipped with special tools to the customer, there is no need to worry about the installation.

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Label: Analysis of the role of hardware anti-theft bolts

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