Although the proportion of furniture output value is inconspicuous, it can quickly surpass the automobile.

In 1978, the output value of Chinese furniture was 1.08 billion yuan; in 1988, the output value of furniture rose to 4.108 billion yuan; in 2007, the output value of Chinese furniture was as high as 540 billion yuan; in 2009, this figure was once again a surprise - the total output value of 700 billion yuan told us Furniture companies are growing rapidly. However, compared with the GDP of 335.353 billion yuan in 2009, the Chinese furniture industry is only a small one. It is no wonder that the Chinese furniture industry will be seen in the light of the Tianlong Ba Bu, Lang Xianping has repeatedly said in his speech: 'Your furniture industry is too small, so small is not worthy of attention. 'Gap: Is the Chinese furniture industry really small and not worthy of attention? Status: No one in China's furniture industry currently has an output value of more than 1% of total output value. Zhong Wenhua, chairman of Haodi Furniture, believes that it is difficult for China's furniture industry to have a large share of output. The reason is that the threshold of furniture enterprises is too low, there is no clear access restriction, furniture enterprises are everywhere, and furniture is slow-moving goods, so it is difficult for a single furniture enterprise to do so. As Chairman Zhong Wenhua said, furniture companies currently only occupy a small market share, so the competitiveness and profitability of enterprises are relatively low. Moreover, because the furniture industry does have low barriers and easy access, companies pay less attention to the quality of market share: First, many companies have not yet established a modern marketing concept centered on customers; second, because of the quality of market share. The income is not accurate, and the company has doubts about improving the quality of market share. To improve the quality of market share, companies must start from a customer satisfaction rate to do more intensive work, which requires a lot of manpower, financial and material resources, and takes a long time. Because of the large quantity, high requirements, long time, and the inaccurate investment effect, this kind of investment is risky, which makes many enterprises finally give up the plan to improve the quality of market share. Confidence: In 2015, the output value of Chinese furniture will reach 2.40 billion, exceeding the automobile industry. However, according to the increasing speed of China's furniture industry, some experts predict that in 2015, the output value of Chinese furniture will reach 2.40 billion, exceeding the automobile industry. Is the prospect of China's furniture industry really so broad? Is there a day in which this small industry that is being looked down on has a trace? Fu Yadong, deputy general manager of Langdu Furniture, pointed out: Although there is currently no company in China's furniture industry that can exceed 1% of the total output value, there should be at least 10 companies in the next three to five years. %; Sichuan furniture leading enterprise All-Friends Furniture and Pocket Pearl also affirmed this statement, that should be more than 1% of enterprises within 10 years; Hua Yuxuan furniture brand director Wang Yukai also believes that such a company will soon appear : 'All friends are very close. ' Achievements: In August 2010, on the occasion of the 30th anniversary of the establishment of the Shenzhen Special Economic Zone, 17173, the Shenzhen Municipal People's Government specially held the 'Shenzhen Special Economic Zone 30th Anniversary Outstanding Contribution Enterprise' selection, Red Apple Furniture stood out among many brands and was nominated; On December 1, 2010, the annual Chinese economic leader ceremony was held in Beijing. Chairman of Red Star Macalline Che Jianxin and Chairman of Hangzhou Wow Haha Group Zong Qinghou, Chairman of Hong Kong Hang Lung Properties Co., Ltd. Chen Qizong, Chairman of Taiwan Dingxin Group Ning Gaoning, the chairman of COFCO Group, won the title of '2010 Top Ten Chinese Economic Leaders'. These achievements show that the furniture industry is no longer a small industry that is not worthy of attention, and it has already played a pivotal role in China's economic development. status. In the next ten years, in the face of intensified competition and changes in market demand, whether the furniture enterprises have already prepared for it or have to meet the challenge, the war in the Chinese furniture industry has started. In the competition for the survival of the fittest, who can laugh at the rivers and lakes?

Refrigerator is a kind of refrigeration equipment which keeps a constant low temperature, and also a kind of civil product which keeps food or other articles in a constant low temperature and cold state. There is a compressor or, ice maker for freezing cabinet or box, with refrigeration device storage box. 

The characteristic of the products:

Ideal chemical inertia and can be widely used in various temperature-controlled heat dissipation occasions;

The low boiling point is a very moderate one. There is evaporation in the course of work, which take heat away through the heat of evaporation, thus ensuring the heating parts can work well and stably;

Non-dangerous goods, non-flammable and non-explosive, no fire point and flash point;

Good electrical insulation, extremely high breakdown voltage above 40KV;

The dielectric constant below 2 doesn`t make data lost in data center applications ;

Good fluidity, lower viscosity than clear water; Can flow well and dissipate heat in the temperature control system;

7  Nontoxic, harmless, non-irritating;

8  Environmentally friendly, have ODP value of 0 and extremely low GWP value

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