8 small apartment bathroom decoration design renderings

The biggest drawback of small size is the small space. The planning and decoration of the bathroom should be very particular. Try not to install a pedestal in a small bathroom because the space below is almost impossible to use. The wall-mounted basin can be used as the first choice for small-sized health clinics. It has obvious advantages in space saving, and the space under the countertop can be released to the maximum extent. As the bathroom area is too small, the shower is certainly the best choice, and small units should use a shower to disable the tub. In addition, it is possible to rationally make use of bathroom wall corners to make storage angles and design storage areas to the maximum. The following 8 small apartment bathroom decoration design renderings, which one you prefer and suitable for you?

Sea-blue tiled tiled bathroom space, with transparent glass as a shower partition, does not affect the overall sense of space, but also makes this space appear to have a sense of permeability.

Sky blue and white combined into a wide line rendering and the bathroom wall, so that this bathroom is very fresh in the visual, simple mirror and white basin, both in terms of practicality and aesthetics make this bathroom space is clean and fresh The transparent glass-enclosed shower room is of medium size, and the small bathroom space does not seem to make people feel crowded.

The fresh apple green mosaic is combined with the white wall. The washroom area at the entrance of the bathroom echoes with the tones in the bathroom. The bathroom is separated from the shower area with a glass sliding door, making this space seem small, but it also appears to be in order. , will not affect the actual use of results.

The bright green wall is lined with white flowing lines, and the green pattern elements dominate the ground, making this bathroom space look bright and refreshed.

The blue and white tiles covered the wall and floor of the entire bathroom space, giving the bathroom a refreshing blue color that is ideal for the bathroom. The three-in-one modular lighting above the mirror is also dominated by the blue color, which makes the entire space feel elegant and unified.

The fresh and elegant tone decoration, orderly and neatly placed supplies, does not appear crowded, but also looks very fresh, comfortable and elegant.

The classic blue-and-white color scheme, plus a wall-mounted toilet and wall-mounted basin, both look clean and fresh, but also save space.

The shower area is all made of the same size blue wall tile collage, neat in the neatness of the white bathroom. A small, square storage space was found on the wall and the necessary bath supplies were placed here.

The housing prices are now rising, the general public's love is more of a small family, but as long as the time spent in the decoration, more clever use of space can also put a big effect, saying that although the sparrow is small, fully-equipped , Looked at these 8 small apartment bathroom decoration design renderings, I hope everyone can put out their own satisfaction with the bathroom.

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