120 flat house decoration how much money affect the decoration costs of what factors

With the importance of environmental protection and health, decoration has become a hot topic for some owners. The cost of renovation is a big expense for most owners. So, how much do you know about a 120-flat house renovation ? There is no limit to the decoration. According to the structure of the house and its own preferences, Jian Zhuang is equipped with the Zhuang law of simplicity, and hardcover is installed. In addition to the people who just need to buy a house, the 120-square-meter house is currently the more common unit in the home improvement market. It is generally a three-bedroom apartment. Next, let me explain to you how much money you need for a 120-flat house renovation !

Factors affecting the decoration costs

(1) Decoration grade affects decoration costs

Different grades of decoration. If you like the look more atmosphere, you may wish to choose a simple dress. If you like to look more refined, you may wish to choose hardcover. If you like to look more luxurious, you may choose to dress.

(2) Decoration methods affect decoration costs

Different ways of decoration. If you want to choose your own materials, find workers to build, you may choose to clear the package; if it is office workers, entrusted to the decoration company, may wish to choose all-inclusive; there is another: the owner is responsible for purchasing the main material, other packages to the decoration company or construction team.

(3) decoration materials affect the decoration costs

The choice of decoration materials determines the grade of decoration. Different materials have different prices, resulting in different decoration costs.

(4) Renovation company influences decoration costs

The decoration companies vary in their fees, small companies are cheap, and large companies are slightly more expensive.


120 flat house decoration how much money

120 flat house decoration how much money a: basic engineering

1. Playing wall and playing tiles: 25/m2 or so of materials: waste cleaning;

2, the level of the ground cement mortar: 20 / m2 around the material: cement river sand;

3, wall: 90 / m2 around the material: cement, sand, light brick.

How much money for a 120-flat house renovation? II: Hydropower Project

1. Inlet pipe reformation: 32/m or so package materials: PP-R pipe, joints, elbow machine welding (without faucet);

2, circuit transformation: 35 / m or so package materials: line tube, bottom box, wire (without switch socket);

3, telephone, television, broadband line: 25 / m or so package material: line tube bottom box line (excluding socket);

4, waterproof, moisture: 30 / m2 about the package material: waterproof agent (brush 2 times).

How Much Money Does a 120 Flat House Renovation?: Ceiling Ceiling

1, gypsum board ceiling: 85 / m2 around the package material: wood keel, gypsum board, accessories (excluding lamps);

2. Modeling top: about 100/m2. Package materials: wooden keel, 9 PCT board, 5 PCT board (without lamps);

3, the local modelling top: 100/m2 about the package materials: wood keel, gypsum board, 9 PCT board (excluding lamps);

4, aluminum buckle ceiling: 120 / m2 around the material: light steel keel, aluminum buckle board, edge (without lamps);

5, plaster line paste: 12/m2 about the package material: plaster line, gypsum powder, glue.

How much do you want to spend on a 120-flat house?

1, floor tile shop: 40/m2 about the package material: cement, river sand (excluding tiles);

2, the threshold stone paving: 20/m2 about the package material: cement, river sand (excluding the threshold stone);

3, foot line paving: 10/m2 package material: cement, river sand (with no foot line).

How much money for a flat house renovation of 120?

1, the wall batch brush: 30 / m2 or so (walls 3 times scratch, polished, close, brush 3 times latex paint);

2, wall tiles paste: 40 / m2 about the package material: cement, sand (excluding tiles);

3, culture stone hanging paste: 50-60/m2 about the package material: cement, sand, construction plastic (without culture stone).


Different grades of cost difference

Different levels of renovation fees will also be different. Take the 120 flat house as an example. Low-grade decoration is about 6-8 million yuan, mid-range decoration is about 8-10 million yuan, and high-grade decoration is about 15 million yuan.

A. Lite: about 60,000 yuan

Project: The kitchen and bathroom equipment are installed, the room only has floors and doors, four walls are well shaved, and pipelines are worn;

Time: 2 months or so, the shortest one and a half months.

B. Mid-range decoration: 100,000 yuan

Project: The kitchen and bathroom facilities are well equipped, including large hard furniture.

Time: 2 and a half months to 3 months to complete.

C. high-end decoration: 15 million

Projects: including paperback, mid-range decoration and luxury furniture. Can compare with star hotels;

Time: 3 months to 4 months or so.

Simple style: all-inclusive: 650 yuan -680 yuan / m2; half bag: 350 yuan -380 yuan / m2;

Fashion style: all-inclusive: 730 yuan -760 yuan / m2; half bag: 380 yuan -410 yuan / m2;

Nordic style: all-inclusive: 820 yuan -860 yuan / m2; half bag: 400 yuan -440 yuan / m2;


120 flat house decoration how much money

Chinese Style: All-inclusive: 890-930 yuan/m2; Half-package: 450-500 yuan/m2;

Mediterranean style: all inclusive: 1060 yuan -1100 yuan / m2; half bag: 500 yuan -550 yuan / m2;

Southeast Asian style: All-inclusive: 1200-1300 yuan/m2; Half-package: 600-680 yuan/m2

Note: This price is for reference only! Due to geographical differences, of course, the price will be different. For more details on the prices, please refer to the local distributors!

Editor's summary: The above is the 120-level house decoration how much money affect the decoration costs of what are the relevant knowledge, hope to help meet the needs of friends! For more information, please continue to pay attention to our website, follow-up will show more exciting content.

120 flat house decoration how much money

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