Epoxy curing agent type Daquan

Epoxy resin cured materials have excellent mechanical properties, electrical properties, chemical resistance properties, and thus have been widely used. The curing agent is one of the raw materials necessary for curing the epoxy resin, otherwise the epoxy resin will not cur-----

Advantages, Disadvantages and Applications of POM

Advantages and disadvantages of POM: advantage: 1. High chemical stability and excellent electrical insulation. 2, excellent fatigue resistance and creep resistance; 3, good resistance to wear, self-lubricating and friction; 4, mechanical properties and rigidity, close to metal materials, is an-----

Pest control methods for wheat and other crops

The upper edge of the wheat seedlings has a dry edge and there are yellow spots on the leaves. What is the cause? What should I do? A: According to the pictures you provided, the wheat grows weak, the leaves are spotted, and the leaf blight is suspected. Control measures: Firs-----

Epoxy curing agent selection

Epoxy curing agent is a chemical reaction with epoxy resin to form a network of three-dimensional polymer, the composite material enveloped in the mesh body. Makes linear resin an additive for tough, bulk solids. effect: The physical and chemical properties of the curing -----