Spring steel classification

According to GB/T 13304 standard, spring steel is divided into unalloyed spring steel (carbon spring steel) and alloy spring steel according to its chemical composition. 1. The carbon content (mass fraction) of carbon spring steel is generally between 0.62% and 0.90%. According to their manganese c-----

Beijing exterior wall painting safety precautions

Generally speaking, there are a lot of requirements for the painters of high-altitude outer walls. What's more, in a big city like Beijing, the construction of high-rise buildings cannot always be avoided. This construction is not that simple. Therefore, the construction personnel must have a -----

Vacuum oven vacuum pump maintenance methods are there?

Vacuum drying oven is designed for drying heat-sensitive, easy to decompose and easy to oxidize the material designed to work to make the studio to maintain a certain degree of vacuum, and can be filled with inert gas, especially for some complex components can also be carried out Fast drying, -----

Two kinds of cans with a new sealant debut

GCP Andrianto Jayapurna, General Manager Asia Pacific, Thales Packaging The company brought in a variety of metal sealants and coatings for metal packaging, among which the key was to introduce us to two cans of sealant grades DAREX® WBC3478 and DAREX® WBC 8790. WBC3478 is a new type of s-----