The use of pvc resin selection of pvc resin

Pvc resin can be processed into various kinds of plastic products. According to its use, it can be divided into two categories: soft and hard products. It is mainly used to produce transparent films, pipe fittings, gold cards, blood transfusion equipment, soft and hard tubes, plates, doors and win-----

Selection of piping for water pump on pipeline

Selection of piping for water pump on the pipeline In order to improve the suction performance of the pump, the suction line of the pipeline pump should be shortened as much as possible, with as few turns as possible (the elbow is preferably a large radius of curvature) to red-----

Lifting the hidden safety hazard

The sling of slings is a lifting sling that does not fall on the center of gravity of a suspended object when the sling is lifted. It is connected vertically and causes a skew in the lifting process. This lifting method will bring two major hidden dangers: 1, oblique crane may be overloaded; 2, obl-----

Must see! Sanitary ware installation steps

The decoration of the bathroom must not be neglected. The installation of the corresponding sanitary ware especially requires us to be cautious. The installation of sanitary ware not only affects the aesthetics of our decoration, but also affects the comfort we use. The following small series -----