How to ferment wheat straw into sheep feed

As the saying goes: "Climate a few sheep, change the building into a bungalow." This shows that raising sheep is a good way to get rich. However, with the continuous development of animal husbandry, feed is becoming more and more expensive, and sheep feed is no exception. Saving money mea-----

Qingdao municipal staff wears hard hat

Starting in 2014, Qingdao City will implement the municipal engineering management personnel and workers in uniform. Project management personnel and workers entering the construction site of municipal engineering must wear helmets and work clothes in a unified manner; night construction workers mu-----

Powdered activated carbon particles to wear dust masks

Powdered activated carbon has a good application in handling sudden odor and industrial pollutants in water. When using powdered activated carbon, adsorption tests must be carried out based on the type and concentration of contaminants to be removed in order to determine the type of activated carbo-----