Mold repair technology

Mold has an extremely important role in modern industry, and its quality directly determines the quality of the product. Improve the life and accuracy of the mold. Shortening the manufacturing cycle of molds is a technical problem that many companies urgently need to solve. Mold has an extremely -----

Polishing technology for sandpaper

In the process of making rapid molds and hand-shaped molds, there is often a procedure for polishing. The quality of the polishing directly affects the appearance of the final mold. This requires attention to those points when polishing the mold with sandpaper. In the process of making rapid molds-----

Gas-fired double furnace

The gas-fired double furnace is especially suitable for the family and catering industry with small kitchen area. It can provide you with the function of induction cooker and provide you with the function of gas stove. It can also save you a certain space and greatly improve the environment. The e-----

Decoration material selection skills

Buying and decorating materials is a major task for home improvement. Some owners think that buying in advance will save time, or setting up materials for business promotion. In fact, many decoration materials must be matched with the home improvement process, or they must be constructed to a cert-----